DIY FIDGET Binder From Dollar Tree Items
DIY FIDGET Binder From Dollar Tree Items
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Today I am doing a DIY craft project perfect for fidgeting! I am making a Fidget Binder all with thigs I found at my local Dollar Tree. Altogether I only spent about $20 on this binder.

Hey Guys, It’s Doctor Squish! *Please note* this video is not intended for viewers under the age of 13, and may contain some adult humor. I’m a 40 yr old mom who makes videos about the things I love. That is usually slime, crafting fidget toys, and collecting unique kawaii things.

I collect Gudetama, anime toys and figures, Japanese toys, stress toys, and slime making items. I love all things sensory/tactile toys and items as these things calm me and help me focus on the world around me. I want you to have a comfortable and safe space here with me!

DISCLAIMER: This video is for entertainment only and you should not try to recreate anything you see here. In doing so there is a risk of physical injury. If you choose to ignore the disclaimer and do so, you assume all risk of injury to yourself and agree to release and discharge Doctor Squish from any or all claims or causes of actions known or unknown.