I DIY-ed This $600 Crystal Top for $30 (NO-SEW!) | DIY with Orly Shani
I DIY-ed This $600 Crystal Top for $30 (NO-SEW!) | DIY with Orly Shani
Join me, Orly Shani, as I show you how to make the trendy and viral crystal crop top for only $30!

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I’ve seen these cute crystal tops all over Instagram and instead of spending $600, I decided to DIY it. This is one of my favorite designer dupes I’ve ever done for sure. Your brain will explode when you see how simple and fast it is to make this top, especially since it’s another no-sew diy project. All you need is the fabric of your choice, grommets, and fabric to use as lining. I decided to go for a blue sparkly one, but you pick what style and color work best for you. And the best part is that you don’t need to sew anything! All you have to do is lace some fabric on the grommets to keep it nice and tight. Make sure to space the grommets evenly so the lacing is uniform. Also, leave the strap ends unironed so you can sandwich them on the top. Though I was going for the crystal crop top, I even had some fabric left over to make a bra top as well. Not only did I save money doing this, but the top looks just as good as the designer one! This is definitely a staple piece for the summer that is fully customizable and reversible as well.

Check out Benjamin’s place: https://planetrhinestone.com/collections/crystal-sheets/products/hot-fix-rhinestone-sheet-large-size

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